Halloween Nightmare

by The Jackpot Golden Boys



This is a song written by the Jackpot Golden Boys with Lyric ideas from friends and fans sent in on Youtube Facebook Instagram etc
Thanks again to everyone if you were included email us at thejackpotgoldenboys@gmail.com


Mightnight will be striking soon, so listen to our spooky tune
a creature haunting across the land
This headless horseman rides again.
Walking yes he's on his way, stalking on his new found prey,
help me please get a way so i see another day
is this an illusion creating this confusion

trick or treat,
candles lit,
feel the heat,
from the pit,
on your feet.

Chorus- Woo oh run run away,
Werewolves they wait and prey,
woo you'll hear the screams,
its Halloween

Had a little fright there? Halloween nightmare? oh no
You got a little bite there, on Halloween night yea woo ohh

one day a year you will hear the whispers of ghosts in your ear,
werewolves all come out to play, witches will take your breath
Freddy krueger, Micheal myers, Jason Vorhees TOO
standing in my bedroom and i don't know what to do
I wont sleep in that water bed,
and do what Johnny Depp did and soon become Dead.

Remember when we where young and halloween was such fun
we put the costumes on and trick or treat or night long
now your older and your the one who answers the door
you feel strange and turn to check you feel a breath on your neck,

OOH OOH scary Rats, bats and cats
all dressed in black
they're on your tail,
don't you turn back,
Nowhere to hide, you will be seen.
monsters go wild
on Halloween.



Thank you
Lyrics and inspiration from
Dante Cimadamore (barry)
Thomas Prevot
Karen Sutton
Rachel Barlett
John Duggan
Andromeda Eckenrod/TheAndromedaGalaxy
Craig Wilkinson
Katie Miley
Oliver Knowles
Sofia Freebird Hariz
Gaynor Adkins
Guillermo Montecelo
Tyler Warren
David Campion
Leila Burns


all rights reserved



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